Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last weekend we had to go to Macau to get our passports stamped so that we could stay in Hong Kong another 90 days while waiting for our permanent visas to come. Since we had to go to another country for the day, we figured we might as well see the sights and create some memories. So, we did the Chinese thing and crammed as much into 3 1/2 hours as we could. It was a fun time. We were originally just going to walk around the city, but then we got nervous that we would get lost and miss our boat back to HK. So

we hired a mini van for the afternoon and he kept us on schedule and we got to see a whole bunch. Plus, ride around in an air-conditioned car!

First Stop, McDonalds!! No trip in Asia is a trip if you don't visit at least one McDonalds!! We ate both lunch and dinner at McDonalds. I would be ok with not ever eating there again!! Maybe an occasional Mcflurry would be ok!! :) Zoee is holding Flat Stanley in this picture. I think this is the 5th country that Flat Stanley traveled to. He was a class project that Zoee did when we were in the states. So his first trip to Asia was made in an envelope, then the second trip was on the plane with us.

Then we did a quick pass by a female buddhist statue. Not real sure the story behind this but the tour guide suggested we take a picture. :)

Then, we were onto the needle building (can't remember the actual name) which is the 10th tallest freestanding building in the world. They allow you to bungy jump off this building for a price. I asked Mike if I could do it but he said NO!! :) LOL Instead we opted to just get a nice family picture in front of it.

Then, we just looked to the right and were able to get this photo opp in front of the president of Macau's residence. It is the pink building in the background.

After this photo opp we drove around and saw many beautiful churches. Macau is known for its old churches and for it's many casinos. It is Asia's Las Vegas!!

The next thing we toured was an old fort. It was very neat but due to our crunched time schedule we only could tour it for about 15 minutes. This was our favorite place. If we get an opportunity to go back we will spend a lot more time here.

Right next to the fort was the St. Paul's ruins. It was neat, but not to much to see. Just a big wall!!

As we were driving around you couldn't help but notice all of the motorcycles around. They were everywhere and not to many road rules for them. They kinda travel in a clump and will squeeze through vehicles wherever there is a space big enough. This photo doesn't really do it justice but it was hard to get a good picture of it.

This blog is getting kinda long especially when I think all of this took place in a 3 hour time frame. The final thing we saw in Macau was the Grand Prix museum. I would love to go back sometime to see an actual race. They transform the whole island into a race track. They shut down there roads and the race goes right through the city. It is really neat!

Then we made the 3 hour travel home. One long boat ride, Three trains, one bus ride and a lot of walking later and we arrived back home.

Here are a few more pics we wanted to share.

This is a purple flower that Jez spoted and asked us all to stop so she could take a pic. Then we are in front of a fountain in the city square.

These are 2 of the many casinos in Macau.

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