Saturday, September 4, 2010


We finally arrived!! It was a long flight but in the end it was easier to travel with my kids than I had imagined. When we arrived at HK airport one of the stewardess was so kind to us. He helped us get the kids off the plane and then met us at the baggage claims and visited with the kids while Mike and I were collecting our luggage. We were truly being watched over!!

When we got to the airport the kids got to ride on there very first subway train. You can tell they are exhausted in the photos but you can also see the excitement in there eyes. From this point on everything was new!!

When we came out of luggage claims we were met by 2 of our closest friends, the Sweeney's and the Krohn's!! It felt so nice to be welcomed by people who we know and love!! Our father takes such good care of us!!

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