Sunday, July 8, 2012

Xi'an Wall

We went to the Xi'an wall a couple of weeks ago.  We rented bikes and biked around the whole thing with another family here.  It is about 7 or 8 miles around (I think) and we biked it in just over an hour. Here are a few pics that we took on our way around. 

 We have arrived in Xi'an, and are getting settled into our new home.  It is very different from our village house in Hong Kong.  It is all on one level so in some ways it feels bigger and in others it feels very small.  It is hard to get away from the noise of 5 children and we miss being able to put a floor or 2 in between us.  The bedrooms are much bigger and the kids are enjoying being able to have place to play.  We are on the 12th floor and are getting used to using an elevator everyday.
 This is the boys room.  It has at least 5 times more play room than there room in Hong Kong!
This is the girls room.  They are loving these bunk beds that gives them each their own desk underneath.