Friday, April 24, 2009

Promotion in the midst of a failing economy!

So I breifly mention in a previous post about some changes with my job. Well it is official so I wanted to share some more of the details. I work for a grant funded organization that is facing turbulant times because of the tough economy. The previous coordinator was forced to seek other employment that was more secure. Well this opened the door for me!! They came to me and asked if I would be interested in taking over as the coordinator until I leave. We prayed about this and decided that it was an open door to help raise our cash budget. I have gone from working 16 hours per week to 40. And my hourly wage which was good to begin with doubled!! This can only happen when your living in HIS economy!!

We will now be able to raise a significant portion of our cash budget on our own. In case you are wondering we are still desperately in need of monthly supporters!!! The last update I received about 1 week ago we still needed 56 people to pledge $25/month!! We are making progess but we are just 1 short month away from needing all of our support in. Please continue to pray for us!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I want to invite everyone to come and eat at Randy's Diner on the 30th. That is next Thursday!! They are giving us 20% of the net sales. This is such a blessing to our family, I want them to be busier than ever!! Please help us out and eat breakfast, lunch or Dinner here on this day. (Or all three!!!)

If anyone is interested in helping out during the day at the restraunt let me know. I am looking for people who can work the bakesale that day, or give coffee refills.

Also Ray's Coffee House is giving $1.00 from every specialty cup of coffee to us if you mention our name!!

Thanks for all of your help!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


We spent the weekend at my sisters with my cousins and Aunt Angie. We enjoyed ourselves, especially the water park on Saturday!! It was a little sad realizing that this will probably be the last family gathering we will be at for a couple of years. But we really enjoyed ourselves!!

Now we are focusing on the task of raising about 50% of our support in 2 short months. We are speaking at our home church on Sunday and are excited to get to share our call with them. We have been at this church for so long that they are our second family! For those of you who are watching our support at the left you will notice that it is steadily increasing.

On the 30th we have another fundraisor coming up. RANDY'S DINER is donating 20% of their net sales to our trip!! So, please come and eat!! They are doing this for the whole day so come for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! :) :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So we have been trying to get everything ready to leave. Jezrielle and Zoee both needed Orthodontic work done so we decided to get as much of it done as we can before we leave. So, Jezrielle had an expander put in in December and she wore that until about 2 weeks ago. The removal of the expander was very eventful!! While she was wearing it her baby molars got loose. So, 2 teeth came out with the expander. YIKES!! The orthodontist felt so bad that he gave her $20 from the toothfairy!! Zoee goes in next week to get an expander and some type of head gear which is a bar down the middle of her face!!

We went to get our immunizations last week. The travel clinic kept all the kids together in the same room while they immunized them. That was a huge mistake. By the second kid they were all scared and screaming. We did make it through and next time we will go one at a time.

I will be making an appointment soon to get our passports. That will be a fun time in comparrison to immunizations!! Our Father continues to poor out his blessings and prepare the way for us!!