Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's been a year!!

So many things have happened in this past year. I thought I would share with those of you who continually check back to this blog for updates, and continually find NOTHING new, a little about how we are feeling after one year of living in Hong Kong! The first thing I have to say is, WE LOVE IT!!

Our Father has continued to show himself so faithful in our lives. We have been stretched in just about every area and have fallen more deeply in love with Him and with each other. It all began a year ago leaving both our family and church family. What some of you are not aware of is that Mike and I had never looked for a new church together and we had never lived outside of the TC area. Living Hope was the only church family we had ever known and TC was the only place we both considered home.

So, we said goodbye to small town TC and landed in one of the largest cities in the world. This began a year that would stretch and grow us in ways we never imagined. We started by looking for a new home church. This was a 6 month search, through which the Lord taught us how to wait on Him and be anxious for nothing!! He was faithful and in December, after attending at least 6 different churches, we finally agreed. There were still a few more bumps but He is faithful. He also really taught me how to really submit and allow my husband to lead through this. I know you are thinking, what? didn't you do that already!! LOL This was a huge lesson for me in which I am still growing but I feel I have grown so much!! The best part is our new home church is starting to feel more and more like family!

My kids have also been stretched and have grown a ton! They have been learning right along with us. There faith has increased and there dependence on prayer has grown beyond anything I could imagine. They are worshipers and prayer warriors!! Through all of the growth the Lord has given our whole family a heart for the people of Hong Kong. We love our village and the people here make us feel right at home.

In the midst of all of the stretching and growing we continue to do lots of fun new things. I will continue to do my best at sharing more on here. I know I am stinky at keeping up on this. I continually try to try harder!! LOL :-)