Sunday, March 20, 2011

USS Halsey

The kids and I had a great opportunity a few weeks ago to go out on a US Navy Fighter Ship. It was so much fun!!

This is our crew on the boat ride out to the ship. Our friends Brooklyn, Savannah, and Jennifer joined us on this adventure!!

More home school friends listening to the commander teaching about how the ship works.


Dru and David with mommy in front of one of the helicopters on the ship!

"If I were just a little taller!!"

"Hmmm, If mom wasn't looking I could...."

This is the POWMIA table set up in the mess hall on the ship.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We went out on an outing yesterday with the home-school meet-up group. We went to the Nature Reserve which is very near our home. The hike was not to hard and the kids had a great time playing with all of their friends. We had lunch on the hike and then headed down.

A couple things worth noting: First, the kids all brought a back pack with our lunches and water bottles in them. This way momma can go without a back pack!! :) The only downside is when 2 of the 5 leave there back packs half way up the hill and you have to go back up to retrieve them!! On the positive side, I had decided to skip my morning run since we were going on the hike, running back up the hill, I think more than made up for my missed run!! Zoee, Kyle and I ran up the hill in 7 minutes (On the way up the first time it took us about 15-20 mins to walk up). The second exciting news is that while walking back down for the second time David took a drink of his water and his 4th top tooth fell out. You can see from the photo that he is beginning to have more gums than teeth!! He actually started crying, because he is worried about what he is going to be able to eat!!

Here is toothless David and a picture of the most recent lost tooth!!
Here are the kids on the hike with some of their friends. You will notice that Zoee and Kyle are missing!! That is because they went ahead with some other friends so I don't have any pictures of them on this hike!! Oops!!

This is a Lizard that Jezrielle spotted on the hike!! I'm just glad we spotted it outside and not in our house!!