Saturday, January 31, 2009

Medical Update...

Well I was preparing to be able to tell everyone that I was completely healed by the power of God!! Unfortunately my healing has not manifested YET!! I am still in need of everyone praying for me and my family as we continue pressing in to receive our healing!! I would be lieing if I didn't tell you it was hard to hear the doctor tell me that things were still progressing. But we quickly picked ourselves up and are now just asking the Lord what he wants to teach us through all of this. I have decided to seek out some alternative treatments to remove all of the heavy metals from my body. Mercury has a strong link to MS. So if you are thinking about me please keep that in your prayers.

The kids are doing really well and are getting more and more excited about our future adventure. They keep asking questions about what life will be like there. We are excited to continue walking in the call that He has on our lives. With the support of all of our friends prayers, we should be in Xi'an in less than 6 months!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Let the little children come to me..."

I want to share with all of you what the Lord has been doing in our kids lives. I have been praying for the past few months that all of my children would be filled with the holy spirit before we move over seas. Well a few days ago Mike came home from work and was in a different kind of mood. We sat down and had dinner as a family and then he got up and just said he needed to go pray. This was a little out of the ordinary for him. It was obvious that God had a plan for this evening. When he came out he had me sit down with him and told the kids they needed to pray for me. They questioned why they needed to pray for me, Zoee said "Is momma sick?" As I was explaining what was "wrong" with Mommy, it some how lead into a conversation about the Holy Spirit. David asked what it meant when he heard people saying Hallelel loo. We deciphered that he was talking about speaking in tongues.
I tried explaining this to the kids that the Holy Spirit brings power. Then a great analogy came to mind. I'm certain it was straight from the Holy Spirit. I asked them about Superman. I said when superman isn't in his special clothes he is just Clark Kent. But when he has his special superman clothes on he has special powers. I explained that the Holy Spirit is the same as this. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit the bible says that you receive power to lay hands on the sick and watch them recover as well as many other cool things. So I then quickly said that before anyone was praying for me we were going to pray for our kids to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
As we began praying it was amazing to watch the spirit move. ALL of my children are now filled with the Holy Spirit. It was amazing to watch each of them be filled and then lay hands on their brothers and sisters and watch them then be filled. It was absolutely incredible seeing each of them on their face seeking God.
Once they were filled with the Holy Spirit I had them all lay hands on me and pray for my healing. Now I am just waiting for the evidence of my healing. I had an MRI on Tuesday!! I'll post when I get the results!!