Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moon Festival

So it has been a while since I have posted anything. A couple weeks ago was the Moon Festival. This is one of the biggest holidays here. Before we went to celebrate, we wanted to figure out what it was we were celebrating. Here is what we could find on the myth behind the moon festival:

A man got a pill from a wizard that would make him able to fly. He was suppose to wait a year to eat the pill. His wife ate the pill before the year was over and she floated to the moon. She asked a bunny on the moon to make a pill so she could go back down. The bunny is still making the pill. Every year on the day celebrated as the moon festival her husband visits her on the moon and that makes it the biggest and brightest moon of the year.

They also eat moon cakes every year on this day. The story behind the mooncakes is that there was a war and they hid notes inside of mooncakes to tell all of the chinese that they were going to attack the Mongols on this day. The Mongols didn't like mooncakes so they never new about the upcoming attack. (I don't know if this is real or mythical)

Here are the pictures of all of the lanterns that were set up during this time:

This is Kyle and Elliott pretending to be the alligator behind them.

Can you guess what David is being?? I'll give you a hint Pssss.

I think I may be able to see her tonsils!! Jez makes a great Hippo!! :)

This is the traditional Chinese American pose. They always show the peace sign when taking a picture with Americans!!

These are photos of moon cakes. They all have egg yolk in the center. They may look really yummy but don't let that fool you!! Kyle is the only one who really liked these. I thought they were kinda gross!!