Friday, April 24, 2009

Promotion in the midst of a failing economy!

So I breifly mention in a previous post about some changes with my job. Well it is official so I wanted to share some more of the details. I work for a grant funded organization that is facing turbulant times because of the tough economy. The previous coordinator was forced to seek other employment that was more secure. Well this opened the door for me!! They came to me and asked if I would be interested in taking over as the coordinator until I leave. We prayed about this and decided that it was an open door to help raise our cash budget. I have gone from working 16 hours per week to 40. And my hourly wage which was good to begin with doubled!! This can only happen when your living in HIS economy!!

We will now be able to raise a significant portion of our cash budget on our own. In case you are wondering we are still desperately in need of monthly supporters!!! The last update I received about 1 week ago we still needed 56 people to pledge $25/month!! We are making progess but we are just 1 short month away from needing all of our support in. Please continue to pray for us!!

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