Thursday, April 2, 2009


So we have been trying to get everything ready to leave. Jezrielle and Zoee both needed Orthodontic work done so we decided to get as much of it done as we can before we leave. So, Jezrielle had an expander put in in December and she wore that until about 2 weeks ago. The removal of the expander was very eventful!! While she was wearing it her baby molars got loose. So, 2 teeth came out with the expander. YIKES!! The orthodontist felt so bad that he gave her $20 from the toothfairy!! Zoee goes in next week to get an expander and some type of head gear which is a bar down the middle of her face!!

We went to get our immunizations last week. The travel clinic kept all the kids together in the same room while they immunized them. That was a huge mistake. By the second kid they were all scared and screaming. We did make it through and next time we will go one at a time.

I will be making an appointment soon to get our passports. That will be a fun time in comparrison to immunizations!! Our Father continues to poor out his blessings and prepare the way for us!!

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