Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kids idea of living the ABUNDANT LIFE!!

The kids received a huge blessing this month!! Cereal is very expensive here, therefore we have only been having cereal about one day a week. Most days we have eggs, oatmeal, grits, french toast, pancakes etc. Most of us would think that those are much better sounding than cereal but my children really missed having cereal. Well, one of our family members heard of this huge "sacrifice" the kids were making and sent a special gift to purchase cereal for the kids. So I thought it only fair to let them pick out the cereal. So we went shopping!! As you can see by the picture there choices were very HEALTHY!! I bet you could pick out which ones were MOM'S choice!! Thank you soooo much to Uncle Paul and Aunt Sis for helping the kids feel really special and blessed. It shows how much our Father cares for each one of us!!

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