Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally got my converter card

So I have been waiting to get a converter so I could get my pictures from my camera to my computer. It just came in the mail today so I am going to do some catching up on posts in the next few days so keep checking back so you don't miss anything!! I am going to start with before we left good old Traverse City and then continue until we hit present. I will try to keep my posts exciting. Enjoy!!

We said goodbye to many friends just 2 1/2 short months ago!! We miss everyone very much, but I wanted to share a few special people with all of our friends. These people meant the world to my children and really helped to prepare them for the adventure we are living today!! We knew our children attended an outstanding school that provided an excellent education but I never new until we were leaving just how wonderful all the staff was.

First, this is Mrs Erickson, she was Jezrielle's 5th and 6th grade teacher. She blew us all away when she called and asked if she could come to the house to say good-bye to Jez before we left. Not only did she come over but she came and helped me on our last day of packing our house. She was such a blessing to us!! We love you Mrs Erickson!!

This is Ms. Wolf, she was Zoee's 3rd and 4th grade teacher. There is no other word but AMAZING to describe her. Zoee is still talking to Ms. Wolf at least once a week and cry's sometimes when she can't get ahold of her. Ms. Wolf also made the long track out to Kalkaska to visit Zoee one last time before we left!!

Mrs Craker was all 3 boys 1st and 2nd grade teacher. She is a very talented teacher who I have learned so much from. I have already called on her for tips on teaching 3 boys in the same grade. I don't know how she did a whole class room!! Mrs. Craker also put together a going away party for our family before we left. Our boys were so blessed to spend 2 years in her class!!

Then there is Mrs. Bruce. The kids loved seeing her face every morning before school. They were very sad to here she was leaving TBCS. They all wanted her to be there when they return from Hong Kong. She was always there for them. The one thing that I could never do for them was to pull there loose teeth. Mrs. Bruce always came through for them. I don't know what I am going to do about that here in Hong Kong!! :)

Finally, we have thier principal Mr. Harding. We will always remember his key phrase that I heard every afternoon when I was picking the kids up from school, "God is good all the time, and all the time God is good". Mr. Harding followed in suit with all the teaching staff and offered to help us with moving. We didn't need to take him up on the offer but it was sure nice to see all of these people come through for us when we were in need!!

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