Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We said goodbyes to our good friends the Krohn's. It was very sad to say goodbye. The kids are going to miss them more than anyone else I think. It was very nice having them as neighbors. The kids were spoiled being able to run down and have friends to play with. They will adjust and we are looking forward to Vacation Bible School starting this Sunday.

We went to the community pool last week. I was expecting it to be just a little pool. We walked in and the kids said "mommy it is like a small Michigan's Adventure". There were 6 water slides and likde 4 or 5 pools. It was a ton of fun!! The only thing I would change is that the water is like bath water so it is not as refreshing as you would like.

The past few days it has rained all day. So we are feeling pretty cooped up right now and are anxious for the rain to stop so we can get out and explore Tai Po a little.

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April said...

OH- p.s: I have a friend out there too: If you are ever interested in visiting orphanages/helping out with other children-- and also he has started a summer camp! His name is Peter Bowling: I believe he still located in Zheng Zhou (pronounced Jung-Jo)-- anyways- this is his website: