Sunday, July 18, 2010

More fun stories:

The Easy Button:
I was at the train station with Bethany talking with my hand resting on the hand rail when a man walked up and tapped my hand. He said with a strong chinese acent: "Very dangerous". I looked down and realized the escalator had stopped and my hand was resting on a big red button that said emergency stop. Bethany and I quickly got on the train and had a good laugh!!

We have had our first visitors to our home. They were big and ugly and we KILLED them!! We have had 3 cockroaches so far. Thankfully Mike was home each time and was able to take care of them for me. The first one was fun though. As Mike was hunting it down it came running out of the cupboard and looked as though it was coming straight for me. I squealed and went running out of the kitchen to the dining area where the kids were eating breakfast. When I overreacted it made them all scream and go running upstairs to safety because we were all sure that it was going to eat daddy and then come have us for desert!! LOL

We went to the park after church and got to see flamingos. They are not the typical pink ones that we have seen before they are a very pale pink almost white. Jezrielle says that they have an annoying sound and are ugly.

We went to the ocean for the 4th of July. It was a fun time. We had a picnic at the beach. The kids got to go swimming for the first time in the ocean. A helicopter came to airvac someone to a bigger hospital, and Dru, David and Kyle used a squatter for the first time!! It was quite the adventure!!

Garbage Pickers:
The kids were walking through the village and a local started giving them things out of their garbage! They were so excited and came home to show us all of there new toys!! We quickly told them that we are not garbage pickers and not to go throuh peoples garbage again.


Rhonda Argyle said...

If the cockroaches continue to be a problem, my sister in law just told me about Diatomaceous Earth. It's a completely natural, safe produce that's really effective in getting rid of pests. I looked it up, and you can look on for how it works, etc. I didn't check prices, but I heard it's amazing, and I'd try it if I had cockroaches! Yuck!!!

Rhonda Argyle said...

I mean product. :)

April said...

Hey there girl-
It's April From Dr. Howards' office! :) I was just going to type to make sure you guys were getting along ok! and I remember the garbage person-- when I was in Luo Yang, they WANTED! my little garbage bag! and time after time I told them "NO! it's garbage!" and they just said: "YES!" "You MAY-GO-REN!"-- which ofcourse in chinese is "American person"-- I don't know what they could have gotten from my garbage though!!
OOOHHH! how i miss China!
I am very glad you guys are finding yourselves well and doing good! :)
the kids will make friends very quickly! no worries!
We at the office wish you well!
and I was just going to let you know-- i also have a blog on blogger!
look up April'sSweetSpringSong--
you will find me :)
I miss the Kids! hope David and Dru are doing better!

April Dehring
Traverse City,
Dr. Robert Howard's office