Monday, July 12, 2010

We are in our house!!

We moved into our house several days ago. We were truly blessed!! We found a 3 floor village house within our budget in the same neighborhood as the Krohn's. The kids have been enjoying being able to spend a lot of time with Isaiha and Abigail before they head back to the states.

Here is a brief description of our house: We have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms all in 1200 sq ft. The ground floor has our living room/dining room, kitchen and 1 bathroom. The 1st floor has one small bedroom (the size of a large closet), one large bedroom, bathroom and a small sitting area. The second floor is the same as the first and then we have the roof as well.

We are so excited to have so much space!! We now have our basic necessities like a fridge and beds!! The kids are all doing well some of them are a little more emotional than normal but that is to be expected. They are still finding everyday things exciting like escalators and double decker buses! They have been meeting some of the neighborhood kids so I'm sure they will soon have lots of friends to take away some of the sadness when the Krohn's leave us.

I should have a way to put pictures on my computer soon so that I can begin to share the amazing views that we have!!

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Rhonda Argyle said...

Praise God for giving you so much more space than anticipated!! I cannot get over it! We love you all so much and are praying for you as you adjust. May God bless you and all you do. I'm so glad Zoey called back. It took me a week to figure out who it was in her last message, and then I didn't know your phone number. Her voice was so sad; I'm glad she got to talk to Kheri, and I've been praying hard for you guys ever since.