Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting Adjusted

We have now spent one week in Hong Kong. We are all adjusted to the time difference now. As I am writing this it is 8:00am and the kids are all still sleeping!! We found a house on Monday, in the same village as the Krohns. We were truly blessed it is much bigger than we thought possible. We found a full village house with 1200 sq ft, 4 bed, 3 bth, plus a full roof top. The kitchen is really big for a Hong Kong home too!! I will post pictures soon!!

The last couple days we have just been getting things lined up for making this our home. Getting cell phones, opening bank accounts, getting internet at our house, etc. Hopefully we will be able to move into our home on Tuesday once we have furniture and beds to sleep on. The kids have been having lots of fun with the Krohn's and Sweeney kids. We are so blessed to have both of these families here to help us get adjusted.

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