Friday, June 25, 2010

Our first days in Hong Kong

We have now spent 2 days in Hong Kong. It has truly been an adventure. Having 5 children with you definitely keeps things more exciting. (I will post pictures as soon as I find a cord to get my pictures from my camera to the computer)

Day 1: After getting off the plane the girls went with Mike in the van with all of our things and I took the boys for a ride on a double decker bus to the guest house that we are staying at. I didn't think to have the kids go to the bathroom before leaving the airport so while on the bus David announced that he had to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, there is no bathroom on the bus and no way to get off the bus to go. My good friend Sarah had an empty water bottle in her purse. David intitially was embarrassed to use the bottle but when it became emergent he gave in and used the bottle. So here we were in the back of a double decker bus mommy holding the bottle for David to pee. :) As the bottle continued to get more and more full we started laughing as he tried to stop the flow so we didn't overflow!! I am happy to say that he was successful and we had no mess just a very full water bottle of what Sarah said looked like tea.

Day 2: We went to the park with the Krohn's to keep all the kids awake for the afternoon. The boys all had fun playing with a chinese boy. They played tag and catch. It was fun to watch them. I ventured out to the grocery store to try and get 4 things that I had on a list. I came back with 2 things of which on 1 was on my list. It is definitely going to be hard to learn the ropes of grocery shopping here.

Day 3: So today we called Mike's parents and Aunt Hope. The kids really enjoyed that. Then we had made plans to go over to the Krohn's house for breakfast. We had 3 umbrellas so we thought we would be ok for the short walk up to the train station. We got about half way there and the rain was so bad that we were all soaked through all of our clothes. Mike finally just stopped and said we are turning around. The kids were all very sad and crying because they wanted to go and play with the other kids. We had to look so funny. Our train of children soaked all the way through everything walking down the street with umbrellas that were virtually doing nothing!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm going to enjoy all of your updates! I feel like I get to be there with you:) Perhaps we should ALL carry an empty water bottle in our purses for just such occasions?! Praying that the shopping gets easier for you!