Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twisted rice noodles gone bad!!

This was one of our first American meals. You would think those would be the easiest and would turn out the best since I have been cooking American my whole life, right? Well I cooked the noodles with a timer, and then like any good cook tasted the noodles to make sure they were done and I decided they were still a little to hard so cooked for one more minute. Then I drained the water and rinsed. At this point I noticed that the noodles were all breaking apart. Then I preceded to add all of the ingredients for goulash. By the time everything was stirred together this picture shows what the result was. The flavor was excellent but the appearance was bad, very, very bad!! Mike had us all laughing so hard we could hardly eat. The kids were all yelling at daddy telling him to stop, he was grossing them out. Several times they said they couldn't eat anymore because there stomach's were upset from daddy's comments. I'm sure you can imagine what he was saying!! Things like are you trying to be like a bird and regurgitate your food for your babies, LOL!! It definitely made for a fun evening!!

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