Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's been a long time

So many things have been happening in the last month since I posted. Work has been crazy so I have not had a chance to update our blog :-( Here is a quick run down of some happenings
  • said goodbye to our good friend Lori who returned to the states for a year with family. Of course before you leave you must try something CrAzY. Her departure food was dried shrimp from Cheung Chau.
  • Mike had his first public speaking opportunity. He did AWESOME! He was so nervous but he really pulled through. Afterwords he even jammed with the worship team. They were very impressed as you can see by there faces!
  • Jodie had an opportunity to speak at children's church (sorry no pics). The best part of this was after the first service I went and sat down next to Mike and he so kindly said "great job, Jodie, but your zipper was down the whole time." So the next service I made sure that was taken care of before I began!!
a few things that deserve their own blog update. to be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! They look REAL impressed! LOL - Love the pics... but Mark says 'dried shrimp' isn't cutting it as a 'crazy feat'! haha