Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Since we got adjusted here in Hong Kong we have been looking for ways to reach people in our village. This concern was first voiced by my kids. I told them I didn't know what we could do and that we just needed to pray. As we began praying things started happening. The first thing that we all started feeling we could do, was to start a bible study for all of the kids in our village that we had been meeting. So...we kept praying. The next thing that happened was the Lord gave Jezrielle the name for the group. It was to be the Crayon Box Club. There are so many different nationalities in our village like there are so many different colors in a crayon box.

So, at this point we had a name and ideas but still had no direction or idea on how to make this a reality. So...we kept praying.

Then one day it happened!! We could see things falling in place for the Crayon Box Club to become a reality. Zoee called one of her Chinese friends to see if she could play. The girls mom answered the phone and asked Zoee if we were Christians. When Zoee answered yes she asked Zoee if I could teach the Bible. Zoee said yes right away! And the birth of the Crayon Box Club was only weeks away!!

Within a few weeks I learned that there was another mom who had been wanting to start a bible study for kids but was looking for someone to teach it in English. I guess I was to be that English teacher!!

This Saturday will be our 4th week. We have this every Saturday morning in our home. It started with 6 children, and last week we were up to 11 (plus my 5). I know that there are 4 other children who are trying to arrange their schedule to be able to come.

Here are some pics:

This weeks lesson was on Noah's Ark. I have found that when teaching children who know very little English it is important to have visuals. So I was talking to my kids about how I wished we had one of our old toys from the states with Noah's Ark and all the animals. Jez is such a genius, she suggested making it out of legos!! The kids all loved it!!
Noah's lego ark!!
and the lego animals entered 2 by 2!
Here are some of our new friends.
God had a plan for providing us with what is considered a very large home in Hong Kong! On Saturday mornings it is now busting at the seems with kids. Please keep the Crayon Box Club in your prayers! We don't know what He has planned for this but we are excited to be a part of His plan!!

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reneelharvey said...

What a great ministry, Jodie! Praise the Lord! I love the name too!