Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yim Tin Tsai Island

I went on an adventure with my friends Sarah and Lori. I don't know much about Hong Kong yet so Sarah and Lori planned the whole day. I was really just along for the ride!! :) After taking a train and a bus to get to Sai Kung we got on this boat:
After we got on this boat my friend Lori noticed that she left her cell phone somewhere between her house and this boat!! So she spent the boat ride making phone calls trying to find her phone. She left my cell phone number with several places hoping we might get a phone call back from someone during the day saying they found her phone. I felt really bad for her not only because she lost her phone, but if you can imagine trying to make a phone call on a boat while it sounding like you are sitting on top of the motor.

This is a picture of the pier as we came to the island:
Then these were some of the old village houses. The main site to see on this island was an old catholic church. There used to be missionaries on this island. These ruins are from the housing of the priest. And then the bell is in front of the old catholic church that is there.We received a phone call from Lori's phone at this church!! But they hung up before I could answer and then shut the phone off. :(
On this Island you can even see the evidence of Christianity being brought to the island in there old cemeteries. There are crosses on almost every grave. You probably wouldn't think that is strange in the US but here in HK you don't ever see crosses. There are graves every where you go. We have one on the corner of our village as you walk in and I have never seen a cross before going to this island.
Once we hiked across the island we came to a gulf coarse which we were hoping to be able to cross to get to another island. But as you can see from the photo it was all fenced off. Lori called the gulf coarse office to see if they would let us cross and they said no. :( So we turned around and took a boat back to Sai Kung.
We had lunch in Sai Kung and walked around for a bit. The one thing worth mentioning while we were there was this sign:

It is hard to read but it says Duran District. If you haven't had this fruit than this might be a little confusing. It is horrible smelling but I guess tastes great. I have not yet had the privilege of getting to try it. This restaurant makes a special section for those ordering Durian so that it does not bother those not eating it. I have heard mixed reviews on it. Mike and Lori both think it is awful. I will let you know my opinion once I get to try it!!

The rest of our day was spent shopping at the biggest Ikea in either HK or the world I am not sure which. But it was definitely big!! We did end up getting a phone call from the bus station adn Lori's phone was found and we went and picked it up!! She left it on the bus!! :)

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