Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 Months to go...

We have been requested to be in Xi'an no later than August for the start of the school year. Considering that we are not even half way to our budget we need a miracle. Mike and I are standing in faith that are finances will be together by June so that we will have enough time to make our travel arrangements for August!! We have our appointment to start immunizations in March. (Be praying for my children. Five getting shots all in the same day YIKES!!) I am also working on getting everything together to get our passports. We are going in for new family pictures on Friday so I will post a new picture as soon as we get it.
We are going to be sending out a newsletter the beginning of March. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please e-mail me SOON!!

Silent Auction/Yard Sale Donations Needed
We are having a Yard Sale and silent auction on March 21st. We are in need of donations for both of these things. The event will be held at our church, Living Hope A/G in Traverse City. If you have anytime to do some early spring cleaning and would like to donate any clothing, furniture, kitchenware's etc. we would greatly appreciate it. The only thing that we ask is that you don't donate anything that goodwill will not accept if it doesn't sell. For example, water beds, old microwaves, computers...
We are also in need of things to be donated for the silent auction portion. We currently have donations for jewelry, para-sailing, and haircutting. We would really like to get a hotel stay, lawn care, oil changes, gift certificates etc. If you have any contacts or would like to personally donate something please let me know!!
If anyone would be interested in heading up a bakesale for us to go along with this event let me know!!

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Chastity said...

hi to the adventurous annis family.
i think of your family often. my family is praying for you in all that you will need to make this wonderful lifetime experience happen. i am so excited for you all.good day for now ....chas